Experience the Ultimate in Relaxing Music

Howie Meyer's easy listening piano music, relates to the soothing, relaxing sounds, everyone loves to listen to. His instrumental recordings of smooth digital keyboard and touching piano, always has listeners requesting his music. Howie's sound is different from most instrumental songs because he has a unique format and a classic sound rarely heard. There is a variety of mellow moments and memories that Howie has experienced and is now sharing with you. Please enjoy his beautiful music, which is now on iTunes, Sound Cloud, Spotify and YouTube just to name a few. 

Howie has been playing the piano, mostly by ear, since age 4. While he usually writes instrumental piano pieces, Howie also added the lyrics to his original "A Summer's Day" and teamed up with singer/songwriter Emma Bilyou performing the song together in several NY venues and on NY radio stations. 

In 2016, Howie released  several new piano songs, My Heart Is Yours; Missing You- Dougie's Song; Hope Is In My Heart; Angel's Above, Day Dreaming and a holiday smash City Lights. In 2017, Howie released  What I Did for Love, A Perfect Day, Watching Over You, and You and Me. In 2018, Howie released Winter Reflections. Howie has new music coming soon!!!

On a personal note: Howie is married to his beautiful wife Meredith and has 3 amazing kids (ages 4, 6 and 15). For the last 20 years, Howie has been an Attorney with the U.S. Government. 

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Thank you all in advance.

You and Me by Howie Meyer